History proves that pandemic like Covid- 19 ends when people adapt and overcome fear.

Katerina Studios Cleaning Protocols
We take standards for cleanliness and hygiene very seriously and we have already taken measures to ensure the safety of our guests.
Katerina Studios has been closely and at daily basis monitoring the Greek Government, the Hellenic Hotels and Apartments Association, along with the World Health
Organization statements, policies and procedures regarding the coronavirus (COVID- 19).
Our measures are designed to include everything from hand-washing hygiene and cleaning products specifications in every area in our facilities from guest rooms to common areas with notified cleaning procedures.
Frequent and actual hand-washing is vital from spreading viruses. At Katerina Studios we start with this simple act. Crucial for the health of our staff and of our guests.
Real Time Information
We corporate closely with the local authorities, health center and a private doctor to prepare for and respond to Covid-19.
Cleaning Products
We work with our partners and suppliers to ensure virus preventing and killing products along with needed and protecting equipment approved by Greece’s Health Authorities.
  • Guest Rooms: We use protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before our next guest arrives, with red flag being the most frequent touch items in the room, applying steam disinfecting procedures.
  • Common Areas: Hotels and apartments have increased the frequency and levels of cleaning and disinfecting in common spaces: door handles, chairs, tables, public bathrooms, room keys, van transportation seats and handles, pool areas.
Event Warning
At Katerina Studios if alerted to a case of Covid-19 we work directly with the relevant health, authorities and provide the facts. Accordingly, we would be informed about the guidance and steps to be taken with our guests.
Then we increase the level of cleaning and disinfecting protocol as well as of the common areas and the areas we knew the guest has been during their stay.
Additionally, we seal the guest’s apartment and apply the recovery protocol, namely disinfect everything and sanitizing the air.